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Challenge Phantasia Event

Challenge Phantasia Event

Every day we are open between July 30th and August 31st challange us to a quick game and if you win your name will be entered into a prize draw to win a prize. Terms and conditions are below.

Terms And Conditions:

1. The event will be held Tuesdays - Saturdays between the dates of 30th July and 31st August 2019. Challenge not available to online customers.

2. Maximum of 1 challenge per person each day.

3. Challengers will choose which game to play (provided by Phantasia) from the following list:

1: Karuba
2: Coackroach Salad
3: Nightfall
4: Schotten Totten
5: Brave Rats

4. Phantasia will choose the staff member that the challenger plays against.

5. Challengers found to be purposely breaking the rules of game play will be disqualified from that game and no longer be able to participate in any further challenges.

6. All Challengers who win their challenge will have their name and contact details added to the prize container ready for the draw on the 31st August. The more you win the more chances your name will be chosen to Win the prize.

7. Winner will be chosen at approx 5pm on 31st August 2019.

8. Prize can not be exchanged for goods or cash alternatives.

The grand prize will be a brand new copy of: Ascension: Year Three Collectors Edition

Individual Game Rules:

Karuba: No change from basic rule set.

Coachroach Salad: The whole deck will be shuffled but only half the deck will be used.

Nightfall: Cards will be drafted from the original base game only.

Schotten Totten: No tactic cards will be used.

Brave Rats: Best Of 3 Games.

For all games: Once an action has been resolved there will be no taking back the action so think carefully before playing cards or placing your tiles.

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