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The raging, fast-paced Hordes game is set in the wilds of the Iron Kingdoms. Across the realm, ancient rivalries among nations are exploding into all-out conflict, and the tameless factions of Hordes have joined the fight, whether to preserve their ancient homelands or with an eye toward conquest.

Hordes Legion Of Everblight Hordes Legion Of Everblight The dragon Everblight was thought defeated by the Iosans centuries ago, but one does not so easily stop the immortal scions of the Dragonfather. Everblight has returned from his prison in the Top of the World and unleashes his newly massed legion of blighted beasts upon the world.
Hordes Minions Hordes Minions Occasionally other creatures in the wilds of western Immoren are caught up in the bloody struggles of the region. Some are individuals seeking to profit from warfare and strife. Others are small groups of tribal creatures willing to offer their strength of arms to others, whether in return for protection or supplies or simply to preserve their home territories from enemies.
Hordes Rulebooks & Accessories Hordes Rulebooks & Accessories Hordes rulebook's, paint sets, templates and more...
Hordes Skorne Hordes Skorne From beyond the treacherous Bloodstone Marches, the savage race of the Skorne now march on western Immoren with but one purpose: the utter subjugation of all its nations under their dreaded touch. With this army of sorrows come warbeasts the likes of which the nations of men have never seen.
Hordes Trollblood Hordes Trollblood For centuries they have seen their sacred lands taken and their numbers diminished. Now the human nations have brought war to their last refuges in western Immoren. Banding together with their less civilized kin, the trollkin are on the warpath united with heavily armed trolls and the wild dire trolls. The Trollblood march to war to claim what is theirs.

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