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KeyForge: Call of the Archons

KeyForge: Call of the Archons

KeyForge: Call of the Archons is played over a series of turns where you, as the Archon leading your company, will use the creatures, technology, artifacts, and skills of a chosen House to reap precious Æmber, hold off your enemy’s forces, and forge enough keys to unlock the Crucible’s Vaults. You begin your turn by declaring one of the three Houses within your deck, and for the remainder of the turn you may only play and use cards from that House. For example, if you take on the role of the Archon Radiant Argus the Supreme, you will find cards from Logos, Sanctum, and Untamed in your deck, but if you declare "Sanctum" at the start of your turn, you may only use actions, artifacts, creatures, and upgrades from Sanctum. Your allies from Logos and Untamed must wait.

Next, you must strive to gain the advantage with a 
series of tactical decisions, leveraging both the 
cards in your hand and those in play to race ahead 
of your opponent. If you wish to weaken your rival’s 
forces, you may send out your allies to fight 
enemies on the opposing side, matching strength 
against strength. Otherwise, you may choose to use 
your followers to reap, adding more Æmber to your 
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KeyForge: Call of the ArchonsFFGKF01 £36.99 £33.29

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